Bark in the Park

Hazel is up for adoption at the Coastal Pet Rescue
Hazel is up for adoption at the Coastal Pet Rescue
Gnate "bugs" a dog at the Ballpark
Gnate "bugs" a dog at the Ballpark

The Savannah Sand Gnats, that's who let the dogs out.

There are a few essential items you need to bring to a ball game, a glove, a ball cap, and of course a dog.

Owners grabbed their leashes and brought Fido to the ball game on Sunday afternoon. It was bark in the park at Historic Grayson Stadium.

Darin Nulph brought both of his dogs, "They like to get out and have fun."

Ken Ballard drove from Hilton Head with his dog for this special day at the park, "It's probably my favorite game coming over here. He comes out here and watches."

Susan Spenadel says her dogs are big baseball fans,  "I'm always looking for things to do with the dogs and this was a great idea because we love baseball."

But the Sand Gnats GM Bradley Dodson knew he'd have some extra work on his hands, "We have extra duty as far as picking up at the ball park and helping out."

That's only if fido has an accident!

"Accidents? not my dog." Says Alan West who owns Peanut.

Bringing the dog to the ball game was quite a hit with the owners.  But catching the game was just one of the benefits to bark in the park.

Lisa Scarbrough is the President and Founder of Coastal Pet Rescue and she says events like Bark at the Park are extremely important for her company. "We rely on these events to help us promote pets for adoption. So it's a great time for people to come out and meet the pets rather than just see them on our website."

And these pooches are avid baseball fans.

Susan's dogs enjoy a game on the tube as well, "They watch at home with us."

Alan West asked his dog Peanut, "Are you a baseball fan," he asked, "she says yes."

Ken Ballard's bulldog enjoys baseball if the food is right but his favorite sport,  "He's more of a football fan."

Football season is only a few months away.

Some of the dogs who attended the game are up for adoption. For a list of dogs who need a home, go to for more information.

Reported by: Melissa Maikos,