New Diet Fad Becoming More Popular

The way Alex Rodriguez stays slim is no secret. "Just try to eat healthy right now. I'm about to buy a salad with low-fat dressing," he said.

And without even knowing it, he's doing the density diet. Dietician Susan Nowrouzi says a diet of low-density foods may be the high road to weight loss.

"Low-density foods are foods that are low in calories, will have high water contents, and high fiber contents. So you're getting less calories and eating more volume of food," she explained.

In a new study of obese patients, researchers compared a low-fat diet to a low-fat diet with low-density foods. After a year, the group who went low density lost almost 20 pounds, compared to only 14.7 for the low-fat-only group. And low-density dieters ate 25 percent more food.

So what foods are on the density diet? Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and lean meats and fish.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,