Faith: The Story of Faye Baker, Part 2

Faye Baker was an outstanding athlete who has the records and trophies to prove.  All was seemingly going well for Faye until one fall afternoon, when her life took a tragic turn.

"I remember when the van stopped rolling and it was upside down and I instantly felt like my legs were just floating in the air," said Faye.

Faye was headed to Round O, South Carolina for a church program. The smooth ride down Interstate 95 turned bumpy when a tire blew out on the 15-passenger van she Faye was riding on.

"I remember the doctor coming in and giving me my prognosis and saying that I was paralyzed from the waist down and that I would never walk again," Faye said.

Neurosurgery Specialist Louis Horn told Faye her injuries were almost permanent, "With the degree of injury that she had, the chances of her walking again are very, very small."

"I distinctly remember hearing that and hearing those words, it was very devastating...but just for a moment," Faye said hopefully.

"Then he said he has to do this operation and so my daughter said, 'Do you believe in God?' She said you can perform the operation but God can do the rest," her father, Henry Baker, Sr. remembers.

"We believed in God. I know with God all things are possible," said Ethel Baker, Faye's mother.

The tight-knit family's faith and resolve helped Faye do what doctors said was impossible.

Determined to change Faye said, "I know I'm gonna walk again."

She started therapy in Atlanta and later returned home to Allenhurst. Her family was with her every step of the way to witness Faye walking on her own.

Her oldest brother, Henry, works with her everyday to help Faye reach her goal.

"I think the athletic mentality in her really helped her at that time. I mean she just pushed herself. I never saw where she wanted to give up."

While it was no surprise to Faye and her family, her doctor couldn't believe his eyes.

"That's amazing. It's not too much short of a miracle."

Now she doesn't just walk, she can also ride a bike. But Faye never forgot her first love, basketball.

In 1995 Faye took over as head coach of her alma mater, Bradwell Institute. Returning to the gym she once schooled opponents, to teach young women how to play the game she loves--at a place that love her.

Her father remembers the night his daughter returned to her old high school.

"We couldn't do nothing but just cry tears of joy, because when we went in the gym that night...soon as she got in the door...she did a big welcome, Faye Baker is in the gym and everybody just went off."

12 years later, Faye is roaming the sidelines and inspiring everyone who sees her.

"They tell me your daughter is a living inspiration and she is. I draw strength from her," said Ethel.

Reported by: Tiffany Greene,