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Top Teen--A.J. Michael's

A.J. Michaels is a WTOC Top Teen. A.J. Michaels is a WTOC Top Teen.

He's not your typical teenager. Instead of spending his Summer break catching up and preparing for the school year, this teen is working 14 weeks as a camp counselor.

You'll find Johnson High School honor student A.J. Michaels at the YMCA summer camp working with kids, something A.J. says he loves to do. "I always liked working with kids and I thought the YMCA would be a great place to work and it is," said Michaels.

A typical day starts out in the field for outdoor games and then inside for worship. But no matter what activity is going on, it's clear that the little campers look up to A.J.

Southside YMCA director Mark Simons says A.J. stood out from the very beginning. "He works well with kids and he really makes sure they have fun," said Simons.

"He just seemed to have a great personality and really just a great attitude," said Simons.

And even though it might be hot outside, A.J says working with kids is a lot of fun and it's something he would like to continue doing. "I would like to work with kids yeah," said Michaels.

His compassion and dedication to making sure the little guys have a great Summer is why A,J. Michaels is a WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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