Calvary Option Football Camp

This week... high school football players have been learning the nuances of the option. The camp at Calvary Day School included former Georgia Southern head coach... Mike sewak... and the Eagles line coach for 14 seasons... John Pate. They know a little something about the option and love teaching it.

"The kids have been just so enthusiastic and i think coaching is coaching," said Sewak. "I think sometimes that this level takes a little more patience than the collegiate level, but the rewards are almost instantaneous when you see the smiles on their faces."

"Most camps you go to, you're going to run the zone, the toss," said Pate. "It's the idiosyncrasies of learning how to run the double, run the triple and some of the nuances with that, make you a better football team."

Sewak and Pate helped run the camp that was headed by Phil Jones, the head coach at Shorter College in Rome, Georgia. Jones feels that the option teaches more than just football. "I think it's a great team offense. We need that in society today, family, team, unity. In the option game, everybody is a part of the physical portion of it. We don't have one designated back who gets the ball 30 times a game and everybody else blocks for him. It's a philosophy, it's a theory like any other offense is."

Calvary suffered through a tough 1-9 season last year and coach tim blackston is turning to the option for help. "We wanted to give our kids, and other kids in the area, an opportunity to hear from some of the best coaches about the option. Sometimes for them to hear from different folks they can say it in a way it will click with the kids, and just hopefully start learning the concepts of option football."

By the way... 85 players took part in the camp... And calvary expects to make it a yearly event.

Reported by: Rick Snow,