Top Teen--Quintavious Frazier

16-year-old Quintavious Frazier is a WTOC Top Teen.
16-year-old Quintavious Frazier is a WTOC Top Teen.

It's another fun day at the park for the children of the St. Luke Academic and Spiritual Camp. But for 16-year-old Quintavious Frazier, this is a labor of love.

"We try to give the kids something to do, the older kids, so they won't be in the streets, give them something positive to do, and the younger kids, teach them good things you know, like ABCs, teach them how to color, all types of stuff," said Frazier.

And this Savannah High School student has been doing this job since the camp began.

Every July, he and other volunteers come together to help the children of the community in any way they can, giving them a positive way to use their energy, and there is definitely lots of it.

"I just like giving back to the community," said Frazier. "I give to them. I didn't have a father in my life to help me out like playing basketball. I like to teach them how to play basketball in the park. I didn't have a father to help me do that. I like to help the young men here and the young women play basketball or do anything."

"He is a wonderful child. anything we ask him to do, unselfishly he does," said camp director Crystal Smalls Edwards. "He works well with all the children in any capacity that we ask."

And that includes cooking for the children, and even singing with them, whatever it takes to help them have great summer.

When asked why he gives so much of his time, Frazier replied, "I guess because I'm a good person."

So for his free labor to more than 40 children each day, and loving it, Quintavious Frazier is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Reported By: Karla Redditte,