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Ben Patrick Ready for Training Camp

Ben Patrick Ben Patrick
Patrick Lifting Weights Patrick Lifting Weights

Former Jenkins High School star... Ben Patrick... is preparing for his first NFL training camp. He's home for a final visit with friends before heading to Arizona and the Cardinals training camp next week. 

Patrick is excited about this new challenge. "The biggest thing is the guys in the NFL are so much smarter than in college. There's not a lot of thinking, it's just reacting, seeing stuff and recognizing it. I have to get sharper at recognizing stuff and being able to study film a little better."

While working out hard every day, he keeps in mind that he has to impress the coaches in order to make the NFL roster.  "I hope when I get in the huddle I can remember my plays, number one. I think it's going to be a fun time, put the pads on and bang with the older guys and see if i'm really cut out for the NFL."

As a rookie, Patrick has already been given an indoctrination into what the league expects of their players, especially in light of the Michael Vick situation involving and indictment for sponsoring dogfighting. "One thing I can say is there will be repercussions. I just came from the rookie symposium. The president of the league told us there will be no nonsense right now. It's really tough because you don't know what his involvement is, but at the same time you have to be accountable if someone living on his property, whatever they were doing falls back on him especially because of his name. I think it's a lesson learned for all of us."

 Reported by: Rick Snow,

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