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Decisions on Michael Vick

Michael Vick Michael Vick

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) - Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank says the team is exploring its options in dealing with the Michael Vick situation.

In a statement released at Falcons headquarters, Blank said a decision will affect everyone, so the team must consider all of its customers in making a decision. Blank said, "The decision won't make everybody happy, but the team will do our best."

The Falcons will open training camp next Thursday without their star quarterback, who will be in a federal courtroom in Virginia being arraigned on charges he sponsored a dogfighting operation. Vick and three co-defendants will be asked to enter pleas to the felony charges, and a date for the federal trial likely will be set during the arraignment.

After that, Vick will probably be free to rejoin the Falcons as he awaits his day in court. The NFL, it appears, is inclined to let him play. After consulting with the Falcons, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and top league officials agreed Wednesday to let Vick play as the legal process determines the facts.

ATLANTA (AP) - Michael Vick's legal troubles have prompted Nike to suspend the release of its latest product line named after the Atlanta Falcons quarterback.

Nike tells retailers it will not release the Air Zoom Vick Five this summer. A company spokesman says the four shoe products and three shirts that currently bear Vick's name will remain in stores. Nike still has a standing contract with Vick but the spokesman declined to speculate on his future with the company.

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