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July 22, 2007

Troy Davis supporters Troy Davis supporters
Molly has a new home Molly has a new home
Classic Chevy Found Classic Chevy Found
Nigerian chief Becky Faulk Nigerian chief Becky Faulk
Dave Price Dave Price

A rare meeting of  Savannah's mayor and city council and members of the Savannah  Chatham County school board and the school superintendent was called this week to discuss several pressing issues involving children and parents. WTOC's Brooke Kelley was there  and explains what they're trying to accomplish.  Parents Should Be Held Accountable for Kids

After 15 years on death row, Troy Anthony Davis was granted a stay of execution Monday by the Georgia Pardons and Paroles Board. Virginia Davis: "No Doubt in My Mind Troy Is Innocent"

Stay of Execution Granted for Troy Davis; Victim's Family Speaks

As we continue to cover the death penalty case of Troy Davis, convicted of murdering Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail, here are some facts of Georgia's death row. Georgia Death Row Fact Sheet

For weeks, an adorable brown puppy has roamed around Highway 204 and Interstate 95 avoiding anyone and everyone trying to catch her , but now she roams no more. Marsha Hargreaves persevered where others failed, finally managing to catch the lost dog.  Stranded Highway 204 Puppy Rescued

A classic car stolen from the Low Country has been found. This 1957 Chevrolet has been in the Padgett family for more than 30 years. It was their son Matt's first car. William Padgett had it refinished and totally reworked before it was stolen in Hardeeville.  Police Recover Stolen Classic Chevy

When volunteers with The Goodness and Mercy Foundation go on their medical mission to Nigeria in September, one will be going with the organization for the first time, but is no stranger to the country. In fact, Richmond Hill native Becky Faulk, is a traditional Nigerian chief. Goodness and Mercy Volunteer Honorary Nigerian Chief

The Hostess City of the South was in the national spotlight this week. Millions of homes across the country were given a dose of southern charm. Dave Price and The CBS Early Show Come to Savannah

A new kind of website based in Savannah is offering a place for the creatively inclined to gather online. "Oddpodz" Brings Social Networking to Creatives

A pilot had an emergency landing at a new Bluffton housing development, scaring many construciton workers in the area. Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Bluffton

Some cans of hot dog chili are causing some serious health problems. Health officials are warning people to throw away some cans of chili sauce, linked to four cases of rare botulism that has sent four people to the hospital. Chili Sauce Being Recalled for Botulism

After 30 years on the force, police captain Bob Merriman is retiring.  His relentless pursuit of justice makes him a WTOC Hometown Hero. Hometown Hero--Bob Merriman

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