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Super Softball'ers!

Members of the StingRay Softball team Members of the StingRay Softball team
The Savannah Indians 12 and under team The Savannah Indians 12 and under team

The past few days the city of Savannah has been taken over by the sport of softball. The WFC World Series B softball championships were played at Paulsen Park.

Over 60 teams took part in the tournament with the ultimate goal winning it all. The games were broken down by age, from 10 and under, to 12 and under 16 and under and 18 and under.

Brunswick sent their StingRay squads to compete and the Savannah Indians also sent their squads to play ball!

A lot of the buzz at the ballpark was softball at the Olympics. After the 2008 games, softball will no longer be an Olympic sport. Some of the athletes weighed in on this topic.

Phallan Davis who plays for the StingRays says, "It does upset me because softball is fun to watch and softball is my life. It'd be upsetting if softball was not in the Olympics."

Her teammate, Chevy Young agrees, "Softball is a good sport for most women because we don't have a lot of sports like the men do. It's good for women to have it in the Olympics."

The StingRays finished the tournament in 5th place.

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