Homes That Heal

What does your home say about you? Does it reflect your inner self? The Holistic approach to home design is not conventional interior design. Holistic design is an approach that makes a home a place to cultivate dreams-- and what's more-- it strives to make each individual home contribute not only to the health of those who live there but to the health of the planet itself.

A big part of the holistic design is getting rid of stagnant space-- rooms that aren't functional and anything that doesn't work, look pretty or serve a purpose. All of that will zap your energy. These are just a few tips-- there's so much more to it. For more information on the Holistic approach to 'Homes That Heal' log on to our

Ariane Montemuro also teaches at workshop at the St. Joseph's/Candler Center for WellBeing on 'Homes That Heal'. For more information log on to