Cancer Survivor Going the Distance

Barbara Cox is walking 60 miles to help find a cure for cancer.
Barbara Cox is walking 60 miles to help find a cure for cancer.

One foot in front of the other is how Barbara Cox takes every walk, every day. That's because it wasn't long ago when she didn't think she had many days left.

"I can remember when I went in and talked to the doctor and he told me I had breast cancer," recalls Barbara. "All I thought about was that I have breast cancer and I'm too young to die."

But instead of wallowing in self pity, Barbara got positive and started walking. "I'd always walked a couple miles a day," says Barbara. "And in my mind I felt the drugs would go through my system quicker. That was not true but mentally it helped me."

She's been hitting the streets for two and a half years since her diagnosis and now is embarking on the biggest test of all. A three day, 60 mile trip in and around the city of Boston walking alongside fellow cancer survivors.

"If I can walk 60 miles and possibly save one person from going through what I went through, 60 miles is nothing," says Barbara.

She knows this will be an emotional trip, but Barbara says she'll be ready. "I've packed a lot of tissues, I think ill need a lot of tissues," she said. "Meeting other people who are cancer survivors, listening to their stories, hearing what they've gone through. I think it will be an emotional ride for me."

Barbara won't be alone on this walk. Her husband will be with her and she'll be wearing a belt covered with pictures of cancer survivors, to help her every step of the way.

And every step she takes, Barbara says makes her stronger.

She hopes to be an inspiration to others suffering with the disease. "You don't have to go 60 miles, there are 10 mile walks, 5 mile walks," explains Barbara. "But don't be afraid to go out there give it your best shot. Say to yourself, 'I can fight this, I can beat it. I may have cancer, but cancer wasn't going to have me."

The walk is also a way to raise money to find a cure for cancer, with hundreds of walkers ready to hit the streets this weekend. Barbara alone has raised $8,400 so far.

But the fight can use more help. If you'd like to donate or get more information, go to,

Reported by: Andrew Davis,