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Bloomingdale Family Claims Cat was Stolen

A picture of Moses. A picture of Moses.

A Bloomingdale family says a cherished family pet was snatched from near their home. Now, they are looking for your help to get him back.

"His name is Moses. He is 15-years-old," Melissa Usher told WTOC. And old age hasn't been kind to old Moses. "He is deaf and can't see very far." 

Moses has been in Melissa's family since he was born. "My mom never referred to him as a cat. She called him my brother," Melissa said. "Moses was her companion and he was her son. He is not companionable to anybody but my mom."

Last year when Melissa's mom died, she got Moses. "We all talked if anything ever happened to Moses, we would bury him with our mom," she said. "She loved him so much. All she had was Moses."

But Monday afternoon, Moses was no where to be found. Neighbors told Melissa they saw him circling in the street near her house, confused and lost. A woman stopped and put Moses in her car. One neighbor says he told the woman Moses already has a home, but the woman took Moses and drove off. 

Melissa has mixed emotions over losing her pet. "For her to pick him up and get him from the street is a miracle itself," she said. "He is 15-years-old, he is irritable and doesn't like people much."

Melissa says he doesn't go outside much and was probably confused and lost. "I'm glad she got him before he got hit," she said.

But now, she wants Moses brought home. "We are asking if she would just call us and bring him back. He's very dear to us," Melissa said.

Neighbors say the woman told them she was taking Moses to get water and then would bring him back. But she never did.

Signs are plastered around the neighborhood and Melissa is offering $500 for Moses' safe return. "Just please bring him back," she said. "We just miss him."

Moses was last seen at the intersection of Wallace Circle and John Carter Road in Bloomingdale. If you have any information on his whereabouts, you can find contact information and more pictures of Moses by clicking here.

Reported by: Don Logana,

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