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Dozens Show Up for Peaceful Rally For Troy Davis

People in Savannah are rallying for Troy Anthony Davis.

This week, the Georgia Supreme Court agreed to listen to an appeal from his lawyers.

If they think there's enough evidence, Davis could get a new trial. Davis is on death row after he was convicted of shooting and killing a police officer.

Cars lined the street outside of Second St. John Missionary Baptist Church, while dozens of people filed inside. All this activity taking place was for a peaceful campaign.

"A lot of people don't know the Troy Davis story and once they find out the truth I think they are going to see that this is an atrocity," said Troy Davis' sister Martina Correia.

The case Correia is referring to is about her brother Troy, who has been on death row for the last 16 years. In 1989 he was convicted of murdering Savannah Police officer Mark MacPhail. A large portion of his conviction rested on witness testimony, recently some of those witnesses have recanted their testimonies.

"I'm not looking for people to see things through my vantage point but to see the truth," said Correia.

And it's the same truth, public speaker, Jennifer Cannino travels around the world teaching about. She says she was a rape victim back in 1984 and was able to put the man she believed raped her behind bars with her own eye witness identification. Years later she found out that she helped put the wrong person behind bars. She found out about the Troy Davis case and came to Savannah to offer some insight.

"People seem to feel like if I say what I think I saw, that it's truth and we find so often our memory can be so contaminated and susceptible to suggestion and we make mistakes," said Cannino.

Which was the underlining theme in nearly everyone's minds and the message worn on some people's heart.

Nearly everyone that walked through these doors received "Clemency for Troy Davis" pins, and his sister says, in the coming weeks she hopes the message on these pins changes.

"I'm hoping in the next week it will say Troy Davis exonerated and that's what I want this pin to say," said Correia.

The Georgia Supreme Court has granted Troy Davis' application for appeal of his motion for a new trial. The Parole Board can't say, until they receive a copy of the court order, the impact the court's decision will have on their consideration of Davis' petition for executive clemency.

The board plans on making an announcement on its intentions by Monday.

Reported by: David Hall,



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