Bulldogs Change Their Play Calling

Mike Bobo and Mark Richt
Mike Bobo and Mark Richt

There will be some big changes coming to the Georgia offense this season. Coach Mark Richt is completely giving up play calling. He experimented toward the end of last season, and now it's become the future.

in his first 6 seasons at Georgia, Coach Mark Richt has called the offensive plays. This season, the dawgs plays will be called by offensive coordinator Mike Bobo. This is a big change, but one that Richt feels will benefit the Bulldogs.

"I think it's going to be a healthy situation for me and the team," says Richt.  "I think mike will do a better job at it than I will. He's going to dedicate and devote his entire time to that and I was not able to do that."

The players are behind the change, they think it will be good for the offense.  "We changed our terminology a lot during the spring," says quarterback Matthew Stafford. "As far as plays go, it will be different, it will be his own style. He will develop it a little bit, but not something night and day. We won't be running the veer or anything."

"I think we may be a little bit more wide open," says running back Thomas Brown. "At some point become a little less predicable at times. Coach Bobo takes a lot of chances at time so i'm excited about seeing that."

"I think him and Coach Richt's system is about 90-percent the same, it's just new terminology," says center Fernando Velasco.

Stafford hopes the Bulldogs will be able to throw the ball around even more this season.  "I thought I had a pretty good spring as far as completion percentage and touchdown to interception ratio and things like that. Hopefully Coach Bobo is building up some confidence in me and let me throw it around a little bit."