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Forearm Forklift: Does it Work?

Forearm Forklift: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

Anyone moving anytime soon needs to watch this week's Does it Work Wednesday test.  I'm featuring the Forearm Forklift straps.  These durable-looking straps claim to hold up to 600 pounds of furniture.  Plus, this product promises to save your back because of the way it supposedly works. 

"This is heavy to me," says Christy Hendricks. Web Producer Christy Hendricks seriously doubts both she and I can lift heavy objects using the Forearm Forklift, but the box shows two women doing just that!

"We'll give it a shot!" she says.

First, we start out with a small, but heavy deep freeze.  We criss-cross the straps onto the floor, just like it shows, then place the deep freeze on top.  Next, you place your arms into the holes provided.  Then you rest your hands against the object you're going to lift, thereby using your forearm to lift it.  This supposedly saves your hands and back some stress.

"1-2-3...sweet! This is awesome!" she and I exclaim as we lift that heavy deep freeze right on up.

Christy and I are ready to move onto the next heavy object.  However, we also have the moving guys from Snappy Delivery on stand-by.  After all, we have a two-piece, solid oak china hutch that weighs a total of 600 pounds!

"I don't know about that," doubts Christy.

If she and I can lift the top piece that weighs about 250, I'll be impressed.

"All right, I put my arms through here," I say as I prepare to lift my side of the hutch.

"3-2-1...oh!" we both scream.  We get the hutch lifted, but it's still reallly heavy.

"Can we walk with it?" asks Christy.

We do and this is pretty impressive I must say.  After you get used to lifting in this way, it's not bad at all, and it definitely saves your hands some pain.

"I know we could not have picked this up without the straps," admits Christy.

And now, we're feeling pretty tough.  Let's tackle the second piece.  It's a whopping 350 pounds!

"We feel pretty powerful. Do you think we can lift this?" I ask the moving guys.

You probably guessed, they laughed and said absolutely not!  First, Christy and I have to lift the very heavy piece onto the straps.

"Ohhhh!" we grunt and then the drawers come rushing out.  We aren't very secure movers. So, she and I decide to give up and let the guys take over.

The special straps might be able to hold up to 600 pounds, but can you? Christy and I sure can't, and I'm not taking any chances with my co-worker's nice furniture either.

With some extra effort, the guys can lift the piece onto the straps.  Then, on the count of three and some heavy breathing, they do lift it right off the ground, down the stairs and into the moving van.  Also, you can buy strap extensions separately, which both Jamie Biggs and Adam Moesch say would have been nice in this case.

"Save your back, save your hands, definitely more stability," says Adam.

"Well, they're a little different, but they work good.  I'd want to use them now in my moving business," says Jamie.

"If you have a lot of things to move, then it'd be worth the 26 bucks," says Christy.

The Forearm Forklift straps make moving furniture a lot easier.  You still need the strength and good knees to move furniture with these straps, but the Forearm Forklift hauls a good "B" on this Does it Work test.  I bought them at the local U-Haul store in Cape Girardeau.  You can also find them online at

Until the next Does it Work Wednesday, take care!

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