Kingston Bill Could Mean Money for Area Troops

US Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA Dist.1)
US Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA Dist.1)

Funds deignated to improve the Townsend Bombing Range, modernize Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield facilities and provide new training systems for National Guard troops are all part of US Rep. Jack Kingston's (R-GA Dist.1) Defense Appropriations Bill.

The Townsend Bombing Range, a training facility located on the McIntosh and Long County line, is one of the most-used bombing ranges on the East Coast, with Air Force, Army and National Guard troops using it for combat readiness training.

The bill includes $12.5 million to upgrade the Townsend Bombing Range with new simulators and threat systems designed to warn against improvised explosive devices and rocket-propelled grenades. The money will also be used to replace older aircraft simulators with newer technology and to help troops have a more realistic experience while training.

A second part of the bill includes over $23 million for the restoration and modernization of Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. Project goals include the upkeep of older buildings and upgrades for education and training facilities, including firing ranges and equipment.

Also allocated, $4 million to the Army National Guard for a virtual combat arms training system.

The bill has passed the House and is now in the Senate waiting approval.

Reported by: Sarah Schuster,