Johnson High School Football Preview

Atom Smasher New Head Coach Harry Miles
Atom Smasher New Head Coach Harry Miles

New year, new coach, same goal. To win ball games.

Justin Bryson is a junior fullback who says, "We look a lot better than last year. We got better guys we just got to keep motivated and keep up what we're doing right now."

In his first year as the head Atom Smasher, coach Harry Miles has hit the ground running to get this team back on track.

"I have a lot of fun out here." says Miles, "They keep me young. We got a great coaching staff and lots of energy and excitement."

"He's a great coach and he's doing a lot for us." adds Bryson.

Wide receiver, Rasheen Washington, agrees with his teammate, "He knows what he's doing. He's running us and getting us in shape and getting us ready for the season."

2006 was a tough year to be an atom smasher, no wins and 10 losses. But that serves as motivation for the '07 squad.

"We're trying to rebuild the program here at Johnson and get it back to the way it was in the 90's. And we believe we can get the job done."

"We expect way better than last year." adds Washington.

"We hope to beat everybody, we are trying to beat the teams that we didn't stand a chance against last year." adds Washington.

It starts August 31st at home against Swainsboro.

Reported by: Melissa Maikos,