Windsor Forest 2007 Football Preview

Knights Head Coach Mike Martin
Knights Head Coach Mike Martin
Senior OL/DL Mike Mavromichalis
Senior OL/DL Mike Mavromichalis
Senior WR/DB Markus Farmer
Senior WR/DB Markus Farmer

2006 was a banner year for the Windsor Forest Knights...

They compiled a record of 7-4, finished 2nd in their region and hosted a playoff game for the first time in school history. Now the bar has been raised for 2007.

"Our expectations this year are to hopefully make the playoffs again." says 3rd year head coach Mike Martin.

"I expect the same thing, for us to keep getting better and make it back to the playoffs and possibly host another game." adds WR/DB Markus Farmer.

And gang green is itching to kick things off.

Mike Mavromichalis

"I've been waiting for this all summer," says Senior Offensive lineman/defensive lineman, Mike Mavromichalis

Markus Farmer adds, "I'm real excited, I'm ready."

"The players are real excited and ready to hit something." says Martin.

The knights do have a bit of work cut out for them, they lost a ton of experience from the '06 squad but that just serves as motivation for the '07 version of Gang Green.

"Everything we work on, everything, offense, defense we're trying to perfect everything so we'll be good when the season comes around." says Farmer.

Mavromichalis adds, "I expect us to have a good senior year and to lead the freshman. We're inexperienced but us seniors need to step up and hopefully make it to the state playoffs."

If they reach their goal, that'd make 3 playoff appearances in 4 seasons. The road begins August 30th against Benedictine.

Reported by: Melissa Maikos,