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My Life Changed the Day I Found Wiggles

Wiggles as a tiny kitten. Wiggles as a tiny kitten.
Wiggles today. Wiggles today.
Wiggles sleeping with his teddy bear. Wiggles sleeping with his teddy bear.

My life changed the day I found Wiggles and his litter mates abandoned by their mother at barely two weeks old. 

I tried to save all of them but they were too far gone and in the end Wiggles made in through.  I got up every hour or so for two weeks and bottle feed Wiggles while also coming home at lunch everyday and rushing home in the afternoons to feed him.  We even had a carrier for the weekends so he could go on road trips and not miss a feeding.  It was just like having a baby except with fur. 

I had to teach him to use the bathroom and burp him after each feeding just like a baby.  Teaching him to drink was a challenge.  To this day he still tries to suck on the water instead of lapping it up.  It is very noisy at times.  

He has given me so much enjoyment by coming into my life.  During his first visit to our vet his prognosis was not very well due to his condition.  The vet wouldn't even comment on his percentage of chance to live especially since his weight was only 3 ounces when I found him and he had a nasty upper respiratory infection.  However three weeks later when I took him back for his first check up they were stunned that he had made it through thus far.  Still they weren't convinced that he would make it and here we are four months later and he is going strong. 

He loves his kitty brothers & sisters and our bulldogs Maggie & Bubba.  Life has a way of sending little surprises to us and I wished that everyone could enjoy the love that you can receive back from such a little creature. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures also. He now has a teddy bear that he sleeps with because he has separation anxiety due to being separated from his mother at such a young age and his nurses on the teddy bear until he goes to sleep each night.

Vicky Barber

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