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Top Teen--Danielle Bicoy

Danielle Bicoy is this week's WTOC Top Teen. Danielle Bicoy is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

It's just another day at work for 15-year-old Danielle Bicoy at the Telfair Pavilion at St Joseph/Candler Hospital.

But actually, it's unpaid work. This St. Vincent's sophomore has been a volunteer at the Telfair Pavilion all summer.

"I call back patients sometimes when I work up here in the front," said Bicoy. "And I help to register patients and help do orders sometimes."

She works every day, for 8 hours, helping out wherever and whenever she is needed.

In fact, this is her second year volunteering at the hospital. "It just makes me feel good about myself and just helping others and I enjoy it," said Bicoy.

"Danielle is a very dedicated young lady," said youth volunteer supervisor Mary Kelly. "As young as she is, she loves to volunteer her time to do things here at the hospital. She even comes in on days that she wasn't assigned to come because she knew that somebody was on vacation or somebody wasn't going to be in the hospital that day."

Kelly says Danielle receives rave reviews from every department she's worked in this summer and her co-workers seem to love her. "They've all adopted me," said Bicoy. "They're all like my aunts, so I can always call them if I need help or something."

So for all of her hard work, free of charge, Danielle Bicoy is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Reported By: Karla Redditte,

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