Larger Breasts Without Surgery

If you're not happy with your body there are many ways to change it. Some are surgical but others claim to be more 'natural'. American women still find breast enhancement popular-- but what if you don't want surgery. With this new procedure there's no scalpel, no cutting, no stitches-- so-- how does it work?

The Brava system is a process the grows tissue naturally. "It's a relatively new system based on tension induced tissue growth," says Dr. Chris Pettigrew with Savannah Plastic Surgery Associates. A technique plastic surgeons have used for decades increasing the length of bone. Now they're using it to increase the size of a woman's bust. That was previously made possible by surgical implants but this procedure involves no surgery and is completely done on top of the skin. Plastic domes worn over the breast are hooked up to a small computer that applies gentle and constant pressure. A dome fits over each breast, hooks up to a small computer by tubing and a net sports bra keeps it all in place. The patient wears the system for 10 hours a day for 10 weeks at a cost of about half that of surgical breast augmentation and with no side effects. "Basically the only complication is skin irritation from the device," says Dr. Pettigrew.

The growth appear to be permanent and patients can expect a mild to moderate increase of up to one cup size. However, the time commitment can be a problem for some women and that can make a difference in the outcome. The Brava system should not be used by women with a history of breast surgery or breast cancer. The Brava system is available in Savannah.

For more information:

Dr. Chris Pettigrew at Savannah Plastic Surgery Associates 351-5050 or 1-800-424-8478.

Dr. Richard Greco at The Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery 355-8000.