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News of West Nile Spreading Fast Through Carver Heights

The news is spreading fast through Carver Heights in Savannah that the threat of West Nile is there. "It's kind of scary," Carver Heights resident Gloria Rayborn said.

Rayborn says mosquitoes are always a problem in Carver Heights, but it's never really concerned her till now. Now that the disease has been detected in her neighborhood, "it doesn't make me feel good, that's for sure. I have children."

It's the children and elderly who are most at risk. "There's nothing we can do but protect ourselves."

Rayborn says the only thing she can do is spray the kids down with bug spray. She can't keep them cooped up in doors and she's not alone in feeling this way.

Many people were out Thursday night, even after the warning.  "Twenty-four hours inside the house in that air, we need a little outside time," said Loris Crawford.

Crawford is well aware the mosquitoes are out, but she says that's a chance she is willing to take. And many agree with her, saying this is just something they can't control. 

Dublin Johnson, Jr., says he's not afraid.  We caught up with him while he was doing yard work. This was prime time for mosquitoes to be out, yet Johnson had no bug spray on.

"I've been bit by mosquitoes, stung by wasp, snake bites, a rattlesnake bit me," he told us. "I'm still here."

Whether they're scared or not, all people can do is wait it out. "All we can do is use the Off, a little alcohol and pray," said Crawford.

"Thank God for the people who are spraying," said Johnson.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings,

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