WTOC Super 11

Darius Brown
Darius Brown

Darius Brown of Jenkins High School is a true linebacker. He loves the contact... He loves to get in the middle of a play and make sure that the opposing team is going nowhere. That's what makes him one of the members of the WTOC Super 11 All-Stars.

The 5-11, 240-pound senior plays both linebacker on defense and center on offense. He's always in the opposing backfield... looking to stir things up. "I always try to cause confusion for the other team. Stopping the run is my favorite thing to do. They've got to run from me to get away from me."

In three seasons, Brown has recorded 249 tackles. That's an amazing number. In the 2006 season, he had 89 tackles, including 11 sacks. He had a pair of interceptions and three fumble recoveries on a team that finished the season 5-5. All the fun begins when the ball is snapped.

"The running back, I'm going right for him, first," says Brown. "I drop back into pass coverage if I think they're passing, but most of the time I'm going for the run and the quarterback, make a big play."

Coach Adams always knew that he had a real football player in his midst, "He's a football player. One word description, he's a football player. He loves to play, he's very competitive. Probably, the most competitive player we've got on the team when the game starts.  He's  always been talented, but he's learned the position. Really, his competitiveness and his toughness is what stands out for him."

Brown is a scrappy football player who plays center on offense. According to Brown, you really have to be on your toes to play that position, "You've got to be a real good lineman to play center, because you're hiking the ball and at the same time somebody's hitting you, so you've got to be strong to get the defenders off you. I love protecting the quarterback."