WTOC Super 11

Darion Carter
Darion Carter

What's it like to be the top pass receiver on a team that makes it a point to dominate a game by running the ball. That's the situation in which Darion Carter of Screven County finds himself... paying for coach Pat Collins who admits he could play with a flat football.

The 6-4, 200-pound carter runs a 4.6 in the 40... But says he's faster in the games. He's the kind of weapon that will make a running coach rethink his strategy. "As we progressed through last season," said Collins, "We realized that Darion was a weapon we needed to use more."

You see, it still revolves around the run. But in the 2006 season, Carter caught 33 passes for 735 yards and 6 touchdowns. Yes, that's an average of over 22 yards a catch. "It's a challenge," said Carter. "You see a cornerback walk up on you and I guess I like it like that because I can beat them off the line. Once you get past them, the quarterback just lobs it out there and you go get it."

"He does run good routes and he catches the ball well," says Collins.  "But as defenses gang up on you at the line of scrimmage to stop the running game, there's a lot of grass behind that defense and he was able to get off the line, to get open and catch the ball, the ball thrown over the defense's head."

Carter has one pass route that he enjoys running and it's one that most wide receivers shy away from, the drag across the middle. "When you come across it's just there and the sideline is with you and you just basically take off and use your speed and ability to get up to a touchdown. He doesn't have to throw it on the money as long as he throws it in my area. I can pretty much get it and take it to the house."

If you could go anywhere, where would that be?  "University of Tennessee. I love orange. I think orange looks good on me.