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Calvary High School Two-A-Days

Cavs Head Coach Tim Blackston Cavs Head Coach Tim Blackston
Calvary is fired up for the season Calvary is fired up for the season
QB Trice Thornton QB Trice Thornton
Cavs Bubba Green Cavs Bubba Green
Head Coach Tim Blackston Head Coach Tim Blackston

The 2007 Calvary football team will have plenty of options this season, literally, the cavaliers have switched their offense and implemented an option attack.

"I like the option it gives us a lot of options and what to do and we do have a lot of speed." says quarterback, Trice Thornton.

Teammate, Bubba Green adds, "This year we changed up the offense and we're running more option and stuff, just more tight packages and stuff because last year we were more spread out."

Last season was not one to write home about for the Cavs, a 1-9 record left a bitter taste during the off season, enter the Option camp. The team hit the gridiron in a camp back in July, to learn their new offense

"It brought us together as a team, " says Thornton, "and we came together as a team because we had to endure so much with the hot practices and it definitely helped us."

With a new offense in place and some key guys back for Coach Blackston, the Cavs are anxious to kick off the season

"Last year we had a tough time." says Green, "We had a lot of young players playing and this year they'll have to step it up so we can hopefully have a better year than last year."

Head Coach Tim Blackston is excited about the guys coming back, "A lot of guys that got significant playing time last year will see the field again and we're hoping that experience pays off."

And the only option for this team, is to win.

Reported by: Melissa Maikos,

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