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Top Teen--Jared Kolleh

Jared Kolleh is this week's WTOC Top Teen. Jared Kolleh is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

15-year-old Jared Kolleh has his hands full at the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club and has had quite a few responsibilities since he began volunteering in June.

"Watch the kids, make sure they do the right things, take them to the bathroom, look after them, and walk them sometimes," said Kolleh.

Jared's aunt actually signed him up to help out at the club this summer and he is glad she did. "I think it is real fun right now," said Kolleh.

And fun is what Jared is looking for, especially since he is pretty new to the community. He moved to Savannah from Liberia in September, but it hasn't stopped him from already making quite an impact.

"He was a real shy guy at first, working with the kids and everything, but now he has actually stepped up to become one of the leaders of volunteers here," said unit director Fred Hull. "He's an encouraging young man. he's very attentive, listens to you very well, when you offer advice to him, he's always taking advice, you know, you have some of the other volunteers that when you are talking to them, they kind of get in defensive mode because they think, 'oh I'm not doing anything wrong,' but Jared understands that if he makes mistakes, he corrects them and he tries to push everybody else to do well also."

This Myers Middle School student is certain he has had a productive summer with these children, but he's not so sure about a career involving kids. "I don't know," said Kolleh. "I don't know yet."

So for contributing such a positive influence into his new community, Jared Kolleh is this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Reported By: Karla Redditte,

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