Paraplegic Golfer Inspires Hundreds of Children on Hilton Head Island

Dennis Walters tees off.
Dennis Walters tees off.

When it comes to fulfilling your dreams, one man's message is clear, "Don't let anything stand in your way." Dennis Walters has motivated thousands of people for more than 30 years to achieve their goals. Today he hit the links on Hilton Head Island, amazing and inspiring hundreds of challenged children in Beaufort County.

It's not the tour Dennis Walters always dreamed of, but for the past 31 years he has turned his disability into an ability to inspire and dazzle others. "I don't know how he does those stuff," said Beaufort County student Hudson Powell.

But Walters' Golf Show isn't just about golf or showing off his skills. "For me, playing golf is something I really, really like to do and most everyone said I couldn't do.. impossible," said Dennis Walters.

With each swing, Walters continues to prove them all wrong, reminding crowds like these handicapped and disabled students on Hilton Head Island, that they too can live their dreams.

"No matter how impossible it may seem, if you're willing to work hard, persevere, hang in there, you can achieve your dreams, anything you want to do," said Walters.

"Dennis is obviously in a wheel chair and hits golf balls out of a cart, nothing is impossible, nothing at all," said local professional golfer Bryan Mull.

Most children are wowed by Walters' abilities and his dog Benji's smarts, like barking out the answers to mathematic questions and golf trivia. But most kids like Arie Kinney understands the real reason behind this tour. "Just follow your dreams and don't give up," said Arie.

And she and rest of the kids took that message with them to the fairways as they hit with local golf pros. "It felt great," said Powell.

"To see the look on these kids faces to get them out here is very rewarding," said Moll.

Whether or not playing golf is a dream for these kids, Walters and local pro-golfers who helped bring this show to the island, want them to reach for the stars.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,