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Savannah High 2-A-Days

Chencellar Hudson: Blue Jackets Offensive Lineman Chencellar Hudson: Blue Jackets Offensive Lineman
Andre McArthur: Blue Jackets' WR/DB Andre McArthur: Blue Jackets' WR/DB
Blue Jackets' Head Coach Charlie Brown Blue Jackets' Head Coach Charlie Brown

Consider the Savannah High Blue Jackets a continuing work in progress.

Coach Charlie Brown says, " My thing is this football season, you have a great season when it's won in the off-season."

That's why coach Brown implemented an off season routine that involved hitting the weights as well as refocusing on the task at hand, trying to win ball games

Junior offensive lineman, Chancellar Hudson says, " We trying to be a much more disciplined team this year and focus on football and not other things and not losing. And not trying to look at losing like we did last year and trying to go out and play our best."

Senior Andre McArthur is tired of losing, "we are trying to win this year, finally for once."

Over the past 5 years Savannah high has struggled to compile wins, getting over that hump has been their #1 priority coming into the 2007 season.

We got to get over 500, that's our goal, we got to stop this whole Savannah High losing thing." adds Hudson.

McArthur adds, "we going to try and win we've been working hard and we hope it pays off."

Coach Brown is entering his third season as the head Blue Jacket and it seems as if his players are catching on to his philosophy.

Says McArthur, "he's a good coach and he'll tell you the right things to do and try to help us learn."

We'll see what they've learned when they kick off the season next Friday against Beach,

Reported by: Melissa Maikos,

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