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Mission of Mercy--Betsy Haun

Betsy Haun. Betsy Haun.

What are you doing for the next three months? If you're like us, you'll probably at work or perhaps taking a short road trip. But Betsy Haun is getting ready for an adventure that will surely change her life. She's leaving her life here in Savannah for the next three months. This trip will be no vacation. It's all about making a difference.

The children captured the hearts of Betsy Haun and John Novikoff. "A lot of these children's stories very touching very encouraging is what makes me want to go back because they overcome so much," said Betsy.

They come from all over the world, Russia, Armenia, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Haiti and live in extreme poverty. "We are finding a lot of children there who don't have hope and basically when I see that I want to respond and I call it a calling from God," said John.

John has been doing mission work for nearly 20 years. His ministry is spreading the word of God and helping them learn to turn away from alcohol and drugs. He has learned that sometimes the message stretches beyond the walls of the meeting. He remembers one time praying for a woman and, "She went on home, this is a year later she's telling me, when she got home her husband who had been drinking heavily met her at the door and said, 'I am going to quit drinking' and he was sober a year later," explained John.

Betsy works as a tour guide now, but pretty soon she'll be leaving the tourists behind to teach art to children in Russia. "I felt from the heart definitely that God was giving me a call," added Betsy.

She's an active member of First Christian Church and the congregation is going all out helping her raise money for her three month journey. A spaghetti dinner is just one of many fundraisers they're sponsoring to help her. "She takes the calling and the teaching of Christ very seriously that it's not something that we should keep to ourselves. It's something that we should share," said Rev. Gary Cubbedge.

"It touches me. It's a giving community that's why I love Savannah so much," said Betsy.

If you would like to learn more about Betsy's trip or if you'd like to make a donation, call 912.224.8714.

Reported by: Dawn Baker, dbaker@wtoc.com

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