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165th Leaves in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom

They stop at nothing to defend our freedom.

And today some members of the 165th Airlift Wing left for Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Dozens of people packed the 165th Airlift Wing hanger this morning in support of the 165th Airmen.

"We are one of America's best teams and we've proven that over and over again. We have a good group of people and we get great support from the community and I'm just a proud member of the Georgia Air National Guard," said Lt. Col. Neal Guri.

The reason for the huge turnout this morning was because two C-130H aircrafts left for Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

"They have some major hubs and outline fields where the Army is based at. It's tough to get through those areas so we use the aircrafts to get to those places and deliver things that normally would be tough to do," said Lt. Col. Guri.

Lt. Col. Guri's was one of the many airmen heading overseas today. This is his fifth time being deployed to the Middle East.

"Well you spend a lot of time, you're prepared and ready to go. And we're trained and excited to go and do our mission," said Lt. Col. Guri.

He's only going to be gone 70 days, but how will his absence affect his family?

Lt. Col. Guri's wife says that though this is her husband's fifth deployment to the Middle East this is still a very tough time for her.

"I feel very selfish to say it's hard when I know people's husbands who are gone the whole year. So we power through," said Liz Guri.

"Is that daddy's plane?" said Lt. Col Guri's daughter.

"Yes that's daddy's plane," said Liz Guri.

Sure enough, Lt Col Guri is on that plane and while he's gone, he will be on his family's mind.

"Oh God keep him safe and out of harm's way and I'm happy," said Liz Guri.

Military officials say over the next 18 months, replacements will be heading over to join in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Reported by: David Hall, dhall@wtoc.com



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