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Jeremy Height
Jeremy Height

Jeremy Height of McIntosh County Academy is a multi-talented football player. He's maybe too talented for his own good.

Height is the Buccaneers top defensive player. "Jeremy has rested the last two years on offense," says Buccaneers assistant coach Chad Albright. "We couldn't let him rest on defense because we're so dependant on him defensively. This year, we're going to let him rest more on the defensive side of the ball so he can be fulltime offense."

Not only that, but MCA head coach Robby Robinson has installed a new stretch offense this season which should give Height even more opportunities to shine. "The one we put in is going to fit my style, now," says Height. "It's going to make me use my ability more, read the defense, just find the hole that is going to be open. With my ability it's going to be a lot easier because I know how to read the defense and read the offense."

Height has good size and speed with moves that will get him those extra yards. But, he will be handicapped by an inexperienced offensive line. "We have new linemen this year and we have to find a way to get acquainted with them and I just have to find the holes," says Height. "I have to use my vision to see the holes and just look for the touchdown."

Albright has watched Height since he was a freshman and Albright was coaching elsewhere. He told Coach Robinson at that time that Height was going to be a star. " His biggest talent is his moves, his cutting ability," says Albright. "He makes people miss. He's a highlight film in action. When Jeremy gets the ball in his hands, his biggest talent is to make people miss then just to keep going. I've never seen him caught from behind after he's broken a long run."

Height adds, "I just like to make people miss, make them look stupid." He does that very well.

Does having a player with all this talent make it easier, or tougher on a coach to put him in position to succeed. "It makes the coaches job very easy," says Albright. "Jeremy is also a very hard worker to get better, he's not satisfied. I've had him in the weight room this year, the whole year, and every day he's in there working and leading others to work harder and he's improved in the weight room as much as he has on the football field."

Next year, Height will take his talents to the next level. He works hard in the classroom and has already fully qualified for college.

But, first things first. The 2007 season should be a good one in Darien. "This year, we'll just be a faster team," says Green. "We just started a speed program, we're just getting better and faster and stronger, and just working hard every day in the weight room. We are staying focused, keep preparing hard like we've been doing and we're just one step away from being great."

That should mean the rest of Region 2-AA had better be ready. MCA will begin region play with a showdown against powerful Savannah Christian on September 28th in Savannah. Mark that one on your calendar and circle it in red.