Weekend Rain Hurt Businesses on Tybee Island

Many people are at the beach trying to salvage what's left of the holiday weekend.
Many people are at the beach trying to salvage what's left of the holiday weekend.

It's Labor Day and people are packing the beach for the last hurrah of the summer and for the first time all weekend. Dave Abbsi and his family drove up from Atlanta for the weekend, "We got here Friday night it was rainy and stormy."

The rain didn't just pour down on Friday. The deluge continued through Sunday, keeping tourists in their hotel rooms and out of stores.  Holly Holt owner of Holly B. Collectables on Tybee said, "It's the last big weekend. Last year was beautiful. This year you can't control Mother Nature, so we are just going to have to try and make up for it."

Businesses were hit pretty hard on Friday, no one was coming in their stores and Saturday wasn't much better. But by Sunday things started picking up. "We did pretty descent, not like we could have, but better than a zero," said Holt.

Hotels also suffered. Some people canceled reservations at the last minute, but hotels like Ocean Plaza South say they'll bounce back. "The sun's out, usually when the sun is out we have a lot of walk up business," said Derrick Riehm of Ocean Plaza South.

The weather cleared up for the last day of the holiday weekend and many people decided to stay an extra day to soak up the sun and fun. Even those who couldn't stay the night didn't pass up what could be their last sunny day on the beach. Abbsi said he was going to stay a little longer, but had to return home to get the children back in time for school.

Rain or shine, many say the trip to Tybee was still worth it.  "It was very good. We lost power for a little while, but in general we love Tybee Island," said Abbsi.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings, chutchings@wtoc.com