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Streets Still Flooded in Richmond Hill Neighborhood

Some Richmond Hill residents are still dealing with flooded streets. Some Richmond Hill residents are still dealing with flooded streets.

Today there was plenty of sunshine, but residents in one Richmond Hill community are still dealing with this weekend's heavy rains. But some feel the flooding isn't the only thing they have to worry about.

There is still evidence of this weekend's storms, both on the ground and in the faces of the people who live here. "It's a shame you have a river sitting still. It's not going anywhere. I haven't seen the city come out here to put pumps out yet," said resident Nicholas Brown.

Compared to yesterday when some of the streets were overflowing with water, the water has now gone down some in certain areas. Even so, it's still causing problems. "We're trying to do the best we can. Thank God we have a truck because we weren't making it down this road if we didn't have a truck," said Brown.

Brown bought his home here nearly four years ago, wanting a better life and education for his two small kids. But he's tired of dealing with the flooding and the ripple effect it has on his neighborhood.

"Who's going to cover my truck when it stalls from sucking to much water? I have to cover that," said Brown.

But that's not the only problem facing Brown and his neighbors. Brown says over the years, water-filled streets has contributed to the road breakdown.

"They're bad, they're bad. I wish you could see all the holes we had before this rainfall and now after this rainfall how big the holes are going to be. A normal hole two feet is going to be six feet in width," said Brown. "We're going to lose everything we have. I get up and go to work at 6:30am and don't get back until 8pm every night. I work my butt off for this neighborhood, for my wife and my kids. I try to maintain as best as I can and nobody wants to help with our roads."

All he can do for now is wait for answers and hope for action.

Residents say they are going to bring up the road conditions and flooding at the next city council meeting. BLS Developer Lamar Smith says he is trying to work with the city to get these issues fixed.  

Reported by: David Hall,

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