Storm Sends Tree Crashing into Rincon Home

Shelli Nicholson looks at her damaged home.
Shelli Nicholson looks at her damaged home.

Our weekend rains were mostly an inconvenience, washing out beach trips, ball games and barbecues.  But one Rincon woman will never forget this Labor Day weekend.  She lost her house.

Even worse, she pretty much saw it coming.

"The inside of that tree is hollow," Shelli Nicholson told us. "It's hollow.  There have been times when we've had thunderstorms and I would be scared of that tree, and I'd go stay with someone if we had a bad thunderstorm.  Just for that reason."

Over the weekend, Nicholson's worst fears came true.  The tree came down on top of her mobile home.  "Everything I own is in there.  I can't get in to get any clothes.  I have a 4-year-old daughter, just me and her live here."

Not now.  It's too dangerous for her to even go in to get clean clothes or toys for her daughter.  The weight of the tree is still shifting, crunching everything underneath.

"It's just really hard dealing with it," said Nicholson. "Of course it's nice to know I have family that's been there for me and help me.  It's just upsetting to not know where I'm going to be staying next, and when they're going to get this tree off my home."

Nicholson can't get anything until they move the tree, and they can't do that until the insurance company gets a look at the damage.  She hopes they can get to work right away, now that the Labor Day holiday weekend's over.

Reported by: Mike Manhatton,