Top Teacher--Jackie Dennerlein

Jackie Dennerlein is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.
Jackie Dennerlein is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

It may remind you of an episode of CSI, but what Jackie Dennerlein's fifth grade gifted class at Bloomingdale Elementary is doing is actually part of a lesson plan.

They are learning about forensic studies through lip and finger prints, which comes naturally to Mrs. Dennerlein. She investigated white collar crimes for 15 years in New York City.

"I was working in the City of New York, and I always thought about becoming a teacher," said Dennerlein. "And the work that I did, I realized that education is everything, and if someone is not educated, it kind of leads them down a different path and not necessarily a good path but a negative path. So I thought instead of talking about it, come and do it and do something about it."

And she's been doing something about it now for nine years.

"Not only is she a great friend and colleague, but she is a wonderful teacher," said Dennerlein. "A part of our mission statement here in Chatham county is to ignite a passion for learning in students. She does that through expeditionary learning techniques and discovery learning techniques."

Dennerlein incorporates a lot of hands on experiences into her lessons, to make sure her students learn as much as they can.

She says she always wants them to remember five things. "I tried," said Dennerlein. "That's all I ask for. Just try. Experience. Create. Use your imagination. And nothing's impossible."

For her creative way of motivating her students to be the best they can be, Jackie Dennerlein is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported By: Karla Redditte,