WTOC Top Teen--Miranda Cooper

Miranda Cooper
Miranda Cooper

Academics, athletics and now cosmetics? We found a teen who does it all. Miranda Cooper is a senior at Bible Baptist. She's a leader, a member of the National Honor Society, a volleyball player, and so much more

"Miranda is the type of student that every teacher wants to have, because she loves school," said teacher Kathy Hodges, who described her as "enthusiastic--she doesn't mind talking out--uninhibited, fun and wants to do well."

And she does. Miranda makes the honor roll every year, but that's not all. At 17, Miranda  even has her own makeup line and website, that's called Miranda Cosmetics.

"My mom and I did research and I found a private label, and I can council people through that and make people feel beautiful inside and out," said Miranda.

And that, among other things, keeps her busy outside the classroom.

Miranda is very involved in volunteering after school. She is a student minister at Bible Baptist and says she wants to make a career out of it and eventually council students.

"I think it's what all Christians are called to do is make other people's lives better and share their burden," she said. "I think I can put my faith out there, and that's good. I love talking to people."

Which doesn't surprise English teacher Hodges, who's known Miranda since she was in third grade.

"You can see the younger students look at her in awe, and they have a lot of admiration with her," said Hodges.

Her drive, ambition, and compassion for her peers makes Miranda Cooper deserving of this week's WTOC Top Teen award.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com

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