3rd ID Wives React to President Bush's Speech

During his speech to America last night, President Bush announced more than 21,000 troops will be brought back by next July. The news is really hitting close to home, where wives of 3rd Infantry Division soldiers couldn't be more excited about the decision.

Friday was just your typical day outside the Wal-Mart in Hinesville. Deidre Mitchell was going about her daily routine; her husband is overseas and has been for some time.

"I just want him home to see him," she told us, referring to the couple's 2-month-old. "I just want him to come home really bad."

Mitchell said she's hoping the president's new plan will mean her husband will be home sooner than expected. "One brigade is a lot, so hopefully they start with one then they will bring back more," said Mitchell.

It's not just Army wives who are hoping their husbands come home soon. All branches of the military are wanting the exact same thing.

Debra Doser is with the Combat Aviation Brigade's Family Readiness Group. On top of helping families, her husband's in the Air Force and also in Iraq.

She heard what the president had to say last night, but she's not quite ready to believe her husband will be home any time soon.

"I think that would be great," she said. "I don't know if that's possible. I haven't heard any official word other than our mission to stand fast and keep doing what we're doing."

And that's what she says she'll keep doing.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings, chutchings@wtoc.com