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The Story Behind the Story: Here We Go Again...and I'm Addicted!

I have to be honest. 13 years ago, when OJ Simpson was first accused of killing his wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman, I watched here and there, was mildly engaged, and watched every second of the white Bronco chase.

But, as it went on, and on, and on, I lost interest up until the verdict was read.

Now is a whole new ball game.

Now, my chair is pulled up and I am watching every second as soon as I get home, barring anything else better to do.

As soon as I heard OJ Simpson was involved, in any way, with an armed robbery involving his memorabilia and a Vegas hotel room, I was hooked.

His arrest totally piqued my interest. However, what has really kept me glued is all of the cable news networks, their over-the-top personalities, and overanalyzing of everything OJ.

First, everyone has him rotting in jail.

Then, there are holes in the case.

Nancy Grace is berating a reporter for calling him just OJ instead of OJ Simpson, then proceeds to call him OJ off and on.

Greta Van Susteren has 30 lawyers all yelling and guessing what will happen next, what they would do, in boxes all over the screen, talking over each other like a "Brady Bunch" nightmare sequence.

Shepard Smith is...well...Shepard Smith.

And of course, Geraldo.

Personally, these four are the reason I watch. They all earn varying levels of respect from me, but I find their shows and personas highly entertaining, if not for the sheer absurdity.

I am going home now, flipping back and forth between CNN and FOX News.

Tomorrow is a big Shep may call it..."Wednesday OJ Fun Day."

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