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Savannah Allergy Associates - Q & A

Savannah Allergy Associates - Q & A

Q - My allergies cause me to have terrible sinus infections.  Is there a way to drain my sinuses and relieve the pressure in my head?  My doctor continues to give me decongestants and allergy sprays, but they don't help the sinus pressure.  Also, is there any way that I can find out what cities are better for people with allergies?
A - You might be a candidate for sinus surgery and definitely should be seeing a board-certified allergist for preventative management.  I cannot make a recommendation as to where to live, but I do not recommend moving due to allergies; with proper care, they are a controllable illness.

Q - I have asthma and allergies.  Among my allergies are mold and dust mites.  I'd like to have my carpets cleaned, but have heard that the chemicals used could irritate my asthma.  I've also heard that steam cleaning can leave carpets wet, promoting mold growth.  I'd like to find a professional who will clean my carpets without irritating chemicals and rid my carpets of dust mites without promoting mold growth from excess moisture.
A - First, there is no way to completely rid the carpet of dust mites.  Cleaning will not accomplish that.  Either method is fine as long as done well, so check references on who you use and try to make sure you use fans to dry the carpet well.  It is a good idea to have a dehumidifier in general to keep humidity between 30 and 40 percent.  It should never be over 50 percent.

Q - Recently, my lips, face, eyelids, hands and other patches on my body started to swell without warning.  I went to the doctor, but I was told just to monitor when these outbreaks occur.  I mentioned myoldest son was diagnosed with scabies about six months ago and was treated.  I believe there is an outbreak in our area.  Could there be a connection?  Perhaps I am reacting to an infestation?  How can I tell?
A - Scabies can be diagnosed with skin scrapings.  That rash is constant and does not typically wax and wane.  See a dermatologist to get a proper diagnosis.

Q - I wear rubber gloves at work and after an hour from having them on, my hand will start itching so badly that I sometimes bleed.  The gloves are non-latex.
A - Unless these are synthetic rubber (neoprene) they probably do contain latex.  You could try wearing thin cotton liner gloves to see if that helps.  You also need to apply a skin moisturizer such as Vanicream to help keep the hands moist.  You probably need to see an allergist or dermatologist for treatment of  hand eczema.

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