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Top Teacher--Elaine Owens

Elaine Owens Elaine Owens

It's a lesson in vowel sounds in Elaine Owens' first grade class at Bible Baptist School in Savannah. She has been working with first graders now for over two decades at this school, and she has known she's wanted to work with this age group ever since she was a teen.

"Working with children in Sunday school, with children at Children's Church, a loving this age group, and just felt like God called me and gave me the gift to teach," said Owens. "I believe it's a gift He has given me, and I love it, so this is what I've wanted to do."

And according to many of her former students and colleagues, she has done it well.

She likes to have fun while teaching valuable lessons at the same time.

"School is not boring," said Owens. "School is fun. School is a learning environment, but when you make it fun, they want to do more, you know, so that's just me."

But she's more than fun. She's described as a mother, a spiritual leader, and most of all, a friend, and she wants to be that and more to all of her students.

"So many of them have so many needs," said Owens. "I want to be able to meet all of them if possible and be all those things."

So for being all that she can be to her students, Elaine Owens is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

"It's not a job where I have to come to work," said Owens. "I get to come because I like it and I want to."

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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