The Story Behind The Story: JC Refrigeration Complaints

Here's the deal. Last September, after receiving more than 19 complaints about JC Refrigeration in Savannah, the Better Business Bureau contacted me about doing the story.

We met with Johnny Carthon, the owner. (See Refrigerator Repairman Accused of Ripping Off Consumers.)

At the time, he promised he would contact the complainants and work with the BBB to rectify the situation, though he was apprehensive about some he didn't feel he did anything wrong with.

One year later, the BBB receives 20 more complaints and an extra 15 complaints about a business called BL Appliance out of South Carolina.

Turns out, Mr. Carthon owns both.

The normal complaint total for businesses doing similar lines of work as Mr. Carthon's, according to the BBB, is five.

Five complaints a year.

Mr. Carthon has more than 50 in two years.

He says he will work with the BBB to clear up the problems, but he has a lot of work ahead.

This is what I don't understand. Mr. Carthon's customers tell us they are complaining because he says he will fix a refrigerator, shows up, "fixes" the problem or needs more parts, takes money, and the job is never completed.

I am not judging Mr. Carthon, but how can any business just take money without finishing a job? Or accept money without finishing the job?

He claimed he needed money for parts. Well, if those parts don't fix the problem, why should the customer be forced to pay more money to have the job done right?

If anyone has an answer for me, I'd like to hear it.

And, why are we giving money up front at all? Consumers need to be smarter.

There are two sides to stories, but this makes no sense to me.

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