Top Teacher--Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson likes to have fun in her seventh grade language arts class at Claxton Middle School.

"You have to make it fun," said Jackson. "I'll sing songs to teach them how to remember this or do little dances and you know, they get so embarrassed. They're like 'Oh, Mrs. Jackson, you don't need to do that,' and they'll tease me, so that inspires me to do it even more."

For eight years now, she has been mixing humor with her lessons, teaching her students such things as how to conjugate verbs and diagram sentences.

She believes teaching is something she was always meant to do.

"When I was a little girl, I used to teach upstairs in my room to my stuffed animals, and I mean I had everything, the plan book, the grade books, I did it all," said Jackson.

Now, instead of stuffed animals, she teaches real students who don't mind voicing their appreciation for her.

"Mrs. Jackson is like the coolest teacher I ever had," said Kayla Cooper. "She'd do anything for you, and she's real nice."

"She's nice, she's fun, she teaches great," said Shurkuan Kinard. "Like if you need help on a problem, she'll help you now, but if you don't get it, she'll go over it many and numerous times, but if you don't get it after that, she'll stay after class."

"You know, what's so great is whenever you work so hard to teach them something and then a light goes off and you see it, it just makes it all worthwhile," said Jackson.

So for making her classes worthwhile for her students, with a twist of humor, Amy Jackson is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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