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3rd ID Wives Running for a Cause

Soldiers spend hours and hours on their feet every day, standing, marching, and running. But with their husbands deployed in Iraq, many believe military wives just sit at home waiting for their husbands to return.

The wives say that's not so.

"It's nonstop," said Teri Kanicki. "I feel like I don't stop until I go to bed at night. Like a hamster on a wheel, and I know our husbands are the same way. It's a teamwork effort, we're just far away from each other."

Some wives from Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield have decided to try to get closer to their husbands, one mile at a time.

Alicia Stilwell, Alicia Surrey, and Teri Kanicki are three members of a 37-woman spousal "force" from the 3rd ID preparing for the Army 10-miler in Washington, DC, this weekend.

"It dedicates our efforts to our husbands every day and reminds us what we're here for and what we stand for and what our husbands are doing is so great," explains Surrey. "We care about them and this is one way to show it."

They've trained for two months straight, showing their love for their husbands with every step, carried through those tough days by some big supporters who are thousands of miles away, but still close to their hearts.

"He was really surprised, really shocked and saying, 'Are you sure you can handle this?'" laughed Stillwell. "'You can finish?' As the steps go on, and I go more and more miles, he gets more excited."

These women say it gets easier every day because of the camaraderie, the friends they've made on the trail.

"When you don't have somebody living at home with you anymore, when that person leaves, it's really nice to have someone fill in that spot for you," said Stillwell. "Someone who wants to hear your life stories, the stories of your day."

And those stories will only get better when the women who rock the Marne rock Washington by crossing the finish line.

"It's going to be great," smiles Surrey. "I can't wait."

"To be able to talk to him that night and say, 'I did it! I did it for you!' That's the best part," said Stillwell.

"We can do this, we can do anything. We're Army wives," said Kanicki.

In all, 26,000 runners are expected to take part in this weekend's Army 10-Miler.

If they are successful, these ladies are already talking about continuing their training and eventually running a half marathon, together.

Reported by: Andrew Davis, andrewdavis@wtoc.com

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