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The Story Behind The Story: The Infamous Rubber-Necker

A fire call came in last week, so my photographer and I jumped in a news car and took off. As we get onto I-16 headed east toward downtown Savannah, traffic is jammed up.

But, the fire is near Skidaway Road, on Savannah's eastside.

What was causing this stand-still? An accident? No.

Maintenance workers were changing a light in one of the light poles along the highway.

Traffic was shut down to one lane, but this wasn't the problem. No. The problem was people were stopping to watch a light bulb get screwed in.

For generations, the ol' rubber-necker has caused countless headaches, problems, accidents...and me to be late to work.

Is it really that hard to just keep driving, glance over to see what's going on, stay focused on driving, and move along?

We are a curious bunch, aren't we?

I complain, and then, this morning, I saw three police cars and police lights. I slowed down, practically stopping, to see what was going on. A car was pulled over.

I looked behind me, and cars started honking and traffic was backed up.

I guess nobody is perfect, huh?

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