New Building for Blackhawk Helicopters

They're one of the most elite forces in the world and now Savannah has a new hangar for some famous flying forces.

Tuesday morning, the160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment or SOAR cut the ribbon on their new, $14 million facility.

The new digs will house their Blackhawk helicopters and team that maintains them.

The project took about two and half years to complete and was needed after the Nightstalkers relocated here.

Lt. Col. Mark Rugen, commander of the 160th, 3rd Battalion says, "We're currently in the process of transformation and growth and that transformation and growth started to occur in August of 2003. We moved a unit from Puerto Rico to here and with that we had the requirement to build the new hanger."

The Nightstalkers are currently serving overseas.

Reported by Jamie Ertle-Durden;