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Top Teen--Calvary Day School Election Workers

These new election poll workers are now WTOC Top Teens. These new election poll workers are now WTOC Top Teens.

They are a group of honors students that do more than just study. In fact, next month you might just see one when you go to cast your ballot.

Some Calvary Day School students are learning how to check in voters, how to run the machines, and open and close the polls on any election day.

"Hopefully they will trust us cause we do know what we are doing," said Helen Farmakis.

Farmakis is just one of the 20 students who spent the day, learning the ropes. "We actually check in the voters, when they register some of us walk around to make sure people aren't having problems and answer their questions," said Farmakis.

While the majority of the students are getting trained for the first time, Farmakis actually worked the last November elections, part of the pilot program last year and loved it. "I was able to see a lot of knew people and new faces and I really had a sense of responsibility and I was helping to control the polls it was really neat," said Farmakis.

Board of elections chairman Ray Thomas has been working on this Chatham County first vote program for months and last year. He went around to all the schools and formed a partnership with both private and public schools in Savannah and in November, he's hoping to have at least 45 students who will be certified to work the polls.

"These are the future leaders of the world and we can't loose site of that and it's real important for learning election process," said Thomas.

And what makes the students really Top Teens, is they do get paid, but all the money they make will be donated to their schools.

That alone is why we think these new election poll workers are now WTOC Top Teens.

"Awesome privilege and awesome honor," said Farmakis.  

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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