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Video Game Systems


 The best gaming system in the world won't do you any good without great software to play on it.

What about the games?

Xbox 360: more>>

Microsoft famously, and ferociously, entered the console gaming market with the original Xbox and the gotta-have-it original Halo.

3.2GHz processor
500MHz ATI graphics processor
Supports up to 4 wireless controllers
DVD player


Price: $349.99 at Best Buy 

Nintendo Wii: more>>

Always a little different, Nintendo has designed and marketed its latest console to appeal to a different kind of audience.

729MHz processor
ATI Hollywood graphics processor
Supports four wireless controllers
Backward compatible with Nintendo GameCube
Built-in wi-fi

Price: $249.99 at Best Buy

PlayStation 3: more>>

In the ever-convergent mediascape, Sony opted to make its next-generation console also be an affordable Blu-Ray player. 

3.2GHz processor
550MHz Nvidia RSX graphics processor
DVD player
Blu-Ray Disc player
Bluetooth controller support (up to seven controllers)

Price: $399.99 at Best Buy

PlayStation Portable (PSP): more>>

Sony's first handheld console took the gaming world by storm a while back, and the company's stuck with it. 

4.3" LCD screen
333MHz processor
64MB memory
Built-in wi-fi for network gaming

Price: $169.99 at Best Buy

Nintendo DS: more>>

Again, Nintendo is aiming for a broader audience with its DS handheld. 

3" display screen, 3" touch screen
Backwards compatible with Game Boy Advance games
Adjustable backlighting
Built-in wi-fi for network gaming

Price: $129.99 at Best Buy

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