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Police Officer Free of Felony Charges

The accident in April killed the passenger of the SUV and injured the driver. The accident in April killed the passenger of the SUV and injured the driver.

Some new developments in an investigation that we've been following for the past couple of months is starting to wind down. This investigation surrounds a fatal crash involving a police officer. Investigation Continues in Deadly Crash. WTOC has learned that the district attorney is not filing felony charges against the officer.

In April, Dougherty County police officer Jeremiah Finn was on his way to Savannah to take part in Operation Rolling Thunder, an operation to help prevent fatal wrecks in Chatham County.

Near Metter, Finn's cruiser slammed into the back of a sport utility pulling a trailer, killing Milton Wilcox a passenger in the SUV and severely injuring the driver Wilcox's father, William.

At the time of the accident, Finn told investigators that he looked down at his mounted laptop computer, and when he looked back up it was too late.

The district attorney reviewing the case, Steve Askew decided not to bring charges against Finn. He tells WTOC he will now forward the case to the Candler County solicitor general who could still bring misdemeanor charges.

We also spoke with the Dougherty police chief Don Cheek who says, "I am relieved officer Finn will not face in felony criminal charges and that I believe the officer was involved in a bad accident that was not intentional."

Since the crash, officer Finn has been on administrative duty and will not be back on the streets until the investigation is officially over.

The attorney for Milton Wilcox said the family is waiting to see those reports and all the information about the crash before deciding if they will file a lawsuit.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com

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