To desktop or to laptop? That is the question

While it's nice to have all kinds of functionality in the palm of your hand with today's powerful handheld devices, the computer remains the workhorse of, well, work...and ever more of play, too. Some of the huge monitors available--even on laptops--make them ideal multimedia stations.

But there's nothing like a large, solid monitor and full keyboard at your desk, and many argue it still has a place in this computing-on-the-go world. Especially those, like graphic designers and video editors, who need a wide, comfortable workspace with room for a real paper-and-pen sketchpad and other media devices like cameras.

But if you're a road warrior who really just needs access to spreadsheets and email on the go, your options for portable computing are thinner, lighter, and more powerful than ever. Bonus: watch your own DVDs on the plane ride home.